Glamping by the forest

Glamping is a modern trend that offers camping and camping lovers unusual luxury and comfort. It combines the charm of camping in nature with the advantages of hotels, their comfort and new technologies. Glamping tents are luxurious "dwellings" with a kitchen, a comfortable bedroom, and a private bathroom.

Chrobkov Farm is our joy and fulfillment. Nights without lights only under the stars, meadows, forest, garden and a small orchard, pastures, sheep, geese, chickens, peacocks, cats and a dog, and wild fauna and flora directly behind the fence (don't worry, the glamping is fenced, so they won't bother you) . Eggs, herbs, vegetables, meat directly from the source, without chemicals, fresh, healthy and with a story. And on top of that good company and sharing sorrows and joys. Join!

We welcome you with a toast and fruit from the garden (depending on what's growing). The tent has a double bed with bedding, a sitting area, a couple of shelves, a shoe rack and a hanger. In front of the tent, a garden table and chairs and a private fireplace. Nearby, an outdoor bathroom with a solar shower and a toilet just for you. Towels and basic hygiene equipment are included in the price (soap).

For an additional fee, you can enjoy a sauna with a rest room (od 390 kč na hod), breakfast or brunch according to your taste (from 150 CZK per person), a minibar or perhaps an evening barbecue and a number of other pleasures according to the agreement. For example, you can preserve jams for the winter, make your own cider, cheese, pate, dry mushrooms, which are really quite a lot (when they grow) ..

Glamping in Chrobkov offers adventure with comfort in the open air. You will stay right in the middle of the countryside, but at the same time you will enjoy a comfortable sleep, a fully equipped kitchen and other things that the 21st century provides. We offer only one luxury tent so that you can fully enjoy the charm of solitude by the forest. And if the weather is too bad, we will be happy to offer alternative accommodation right on the farm as part of the price.
Bechyně (2 km from the farm) used to be the main royal city in the Middle Ages. Today it is one of the main tourist destinations. Whether you like nature, cultural monuments, mushroom picking, swimming, boating, fishing, cycling, paddle boarding, hiking, good food and drink. South Bohemia will excite you!

You have an outdoor kitchen with a small fridge, an induction cooker, a microwave and the necessary equipment (pots, pans, plates, bowls, cutlery... simply everything for dining. We can also rent an electric grill, fryer or toaster on request. You can cool off in the pool in the garden, work up a sweat with small sports equipment included in the price (frisbee, slow tennis, slack line, etc.) Children and pets are welcome.

You can book glamping in Chrobková for at least two and, of course, more nights.

The price of the stay includes a luxury tent (diameter 5 m), outdoor seating, separate toilet, solar outdoor bathroom, equipped outdoor kitchen and dining under the pergola, barbecue pit, swimming pool, parking, welcome drink, bowl of fruit, board games and small sports equipment.

Drinks (water, non-alcoholic, wine, beer, cider, etc.), breakfast or brunch of your choice, sauna, accompanying program as agreed for an additional charge.

35 EUR per person per day - 2 people for 2 - 6 days - no possibility of cancellation

30 EUR per person per day - 2 people for 7 and more  days - no possibility of cancellation

60 EUR  per day - 1 person for 2 - 6 days - no possibility of cancellation

50 EUR  per day - 1 person for 7 and more days - no possibility of cancellation

Children under 3 years free, 3-12 years 400 per child per day, 12-18 years 600 per child per day. On request, the possibility of children sleeping separately in a 2x2m tourist tent with mattresses and bedding.

Pets - free of charge

+ 15% - possibility to pay extra for cancellation of stay (maximum 14 days before stay)

Choose a free date, fill out a small form and that's it (grey dates are occupied).           We will work out the details by email - or by phone - 731460975

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Phone: 731460975

We look forward to you!!!!

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